Wednesday, July 31, 2013

Elizabeth and Thanatos -- Persona 4 Arena

I'll be doing Elizabeth and Thanatos from Persona 4 Arena.  I'm planning on doing them to current gen standards and since they've only appeared in either 2D or older 3D, I don't intend to change their design.  Looking forward to seeing the rest of your choices!


First Ever Wild Cavalry Comp of Awesomeness

Hey everyone!  Welcome to the Wild Cavalry blog.

This post marks the start of the first ever comp/art jam which as you all know by this point is essentially a rehash of the Polycount Brawl competition.  Though, since there are no prizes, it isn't a competition in the true sense.  Ideally this will just serve as a good platform to light a fire under our asses and get some portfolio pieces done in the process.

Choose any character from any fighting game and make your own version of them in either 3D or 2D.  This can be in the form of just a high poly sculpt, a finished game asset, concept sketches, or a finished illustration.  Whether you want to just mirror the character's look, completely redesign them, or re-do them in another game's art style is entirely up to you.

For now, with impending crunch looming on the horizon, there is no set deadline.  Which is subject to change down the road.

First posts should be declaring which character you're doing and what game they're from.  Include images, whether reference or your own concepts.

From that point on, just author WIP posts whenever you have something you want to show or want critiques and feedback on.

I look forward to seeing what everyone makes!